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What Types of Injuries Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Getting injured at work is often an area of concern for employees. But you shouldn’t worry. Injuries happen, and employees are protected by local, state, and federal laws and often have access to workers’ compensation (or workers’ comp). California alone has recorded more than 13,000 claims in the first half of 2020 with more than $6.2 million total compensation paid.

What you should be focused on is getting better. At Foothill Pain Management in Boyle Heights, Glendale and Los Angeles, California, we take your workplace injuries seriously and are dedicated to helping you recover and return to your normal life.

What injuries are covered under California’s Workers’ Compensation?

Every state has their own rules surrounding workers’ compensation. In California, you are entitled to workers’ comp if you’re on a payroll and:

Although jobs that have a lot of manual labor tasks (such as laborers, drivers, janitors and nursing assistants) are the most common occupations filing for workers’ compensation, you can also develop injuries from poor ergonomics or repetitive motions. These are called Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMDs). You can experience WRMDs simply from sitting in front of a computer too long.

These often manifest as:

You are covered under workers’ compensation whether or not you’re doing your job correctly. Be sure to let your employer know as soon as you notice symptoms.

What happens after I get a work-related injury or illness?

You’ll need to be examined by a physician after you get injured or become ill. The exam will differ depending on your injury or illness. However, diagnostics may include:

After an exam, your physician will be able to design a custom treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. Again, treatment is dependent on what you need. These can include:

At Foothill Pain Management, we aren’t focused on getting you back to work. We’re focused on your recovery. We’ll communicate with your employer and insurance provider throughout your treatment while maintaining complete patient-doctor confidentiality. You can rely on us to advocate for your recovery and to help your employer understand your needs.

If you need a physician to help with your workers’ compensation, contact us today to book an appointment.

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