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How Pain Management Can Relieve Your Symptoms and Brighten Your Life

Having a headache or general aches and pains once in a while is one thing, but living with chronic pain is something else entirely. It can disrupt your life, keep you from doing things you enjoy, and even stop you from spending time with family and friends. Living in pain is no way to live. 

Pain management specialist Dr. Christopher J. Charbonnet helps people living with pain at Foothill Pain Management in Glendale and Los Angeles, California. Here’s how pain management can relieve your symptoms and give you a brighter outlook on life.

Personalized pain treatment plans

Before developing a treatment plan, Dr. Charbonnet needs to know what’s causing your pain in the first place. After discussing your health history, he may order additional tests like X-rays or an MRI. From there, he can decide the best treatment options for you. 

People with acute pain from an accident or another injury like a broken bone may need time to heal. Their treatment plan may differ from someone living with chronic back pain or neck pain. Dr. Charbonnet tailors a customized approach to relieving your symptoms and getting you back to living pain-free.

Get symptom relief at home

As part of your overall treatment plan, you may be asked to do gentle exercises or stretches at home, and you could get a referral for physical therapy or massage. You may take over-the-counter pain relievers or prescription medication as recommended.

The goal is to get you feeling better so you can move more. This puts you on the road to recovery so you can get out there and enjoy life.

Get symptom relief in our office

Foothill Pain Management offers advanced pain management procedures, including trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections, and facet joint injections to treat your pain. Here are a few more ways Dr. Charbonnet can help you.

Nerve blocks

A nerve block interferes with the pain signals that travel from your nerves to your brain. It works on pain in your back and neck and other pain originating from your spine. 

Spinal cord stimulator

A spinal cord stimulator is a small device that delivers electrical impulses to your spinal cord. It prevents pain signals from traveling to your brain and is safer than using opioids.

A pain management specialist has many ways to help you manage your pain. With appropriate treatment, you can enjoy life’s brighter moments, such as playing with your grandchildren, gardening, or going for a walk whenever you want. To get started, request an appointment online or call 818-330-3609 today.

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